Sunday, August 18, 2013

Camisetas "love"

He estado haciendo estas camisetas con "love" cosido a mano para mí y como regalitos.  

¿Os gustan o las amáis ?


Tutorial: (lo colgaré pronto, prometido). 

Coste de los materiales: €8-10 aproximadamente

Love t-shirts

I have been doing these hand-stitched "love t-shirts" for myself and as presents.

Do you like them or do you love them?


Tutorial: (coming soon, promised). 
Cost of the materials: €8-10 approximately 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crafty crafts-keep up the spirit

Have you ever found yourself stuck while doing some crafts because you didn't have a certain tool or material?

Once I did use a spirit level to measure the length of knitting project I was doing at the time. I couldn't find a proper measuring tape and I remember that the spirit level had a ruler side. 

Photo courtesy of David Jones

It all would have been ok, only for some unexpected guests turned up on my doorway as I was using the spirit level in this unusual manner. My friend being a DIY expert couldn't help but smile as he asked: "are you making sure the knitting is leveled?"

I hope you found that funny. If you don't... well, maybe you had to be there. 

What is the weirdest thing you have used while crafting ?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Needle felting

I can't believe I did that workshop back in November last year!!!!  
I really need to keep up with posting things....

Needle felting basically consists in "felting" with a needle. Or in other words, turning "loose" wool into felt by pricking it with a needle. And believe me, as therapeutic as it can be - it somehow feels like you are practising vodoo on a doll - you might want to watch your fingers. Like paper cuts, the pricks on human flesh might not be life-treatening but they surely are painful.  

Anyway, I'm saving the results of the workshop itself for again (when I posted, you'll understand why). Instead here are the results of the left over material from the Needle Felting Workshop that AZ Atelier organised and Maru from Fieltrunguis delivered. 

Hope you enjoy it!